Room Full Of Inverters

Each of these inverters is equally spaced with enough distance for their fans to work.  At least, as spaced as possible with the dimensions of the room.

The room used to be the servant's closet in the top floor of the Saybrook Point Inn.  There's really no indication to anyone where this room actually is, although there should be a map to it somewhere.  Luckily, Nick the Super is a superhuman being.

additional information
There's 3 inverters on the left wall, each feeding 24 x 305w SPR modules facing east, totalling 72.
Then there are 2 inverters directly in front, which feed 24 x 305w SPR facing west (48 panels).
Finally there's a 6th inverter on the wall facing, which has a single 24-panel array, same panel.

  1. What's the total number of panels on that installation? 
  2. What's the VOC rating with temperature adjusted for -24°c?