After I learned how to build solar electrical systems, and was concurrently laid off from work (for various reasons), it became apparent to me that I would design a series of instructional materials so that the common homeowner and student would be able to feel confident in the purchase of a solar electrical system.

Right now, there's no better bet you can make than in solar.  And that's really true, for so many reasons.  It has a 100% guaranteed return on investment, and while that may take as long as 15 years, it will still offer you one less thing to worry about down the road.  It also increases the value of your home.  What you're probably worried about is not knowing how it will work.  Maybe you would like to prove to yourself, mathematically, that a certain number of panels will actually maintain your energy needs, year round.  This website will get to that too.

Some of the workbooks help you learn how to estimate solar production.  Other workbooks will assist you in learning how to wire the array on the roof.  There are exercises that help you understand your consumption, and there are ways i've devised of explaining the difference between amperage and voltage.  At some point on the site, I'd like to develop a page that just simply explains how to design a solar electrical board game.

Hey, before anyone really gets in to something, they want to know how it works.  Right?

Question.  Can Solar Actually Offset Everyone's Electrical Needs?

The answer is no.  Truth be told, it can only offset some people's energy needs.  It can only offset the needs of the people who invest in and build systems for themselves.