What's Your Power Source?

If you tracked your power source, straight from the outlet in your home that keeps your food cold in the fridge, you will find that there are a number of steps to backtrack in order to find the source.

That power is wired to a Main Service Panel.  That's the fuse box in the basement.  The main service panel is connected to the power lines around your neighborhood, eventually leading to a transformer that distributes power in your area.

The transformers run eventually to substations, which are connected to large generation plants.  These large plants could be Nuclear, Coal, or something renewable like a solar field or a wind farm.

I know that it requires immense amounts of energy, and causes pollution, to create solar panels.  But once they're made, you don't have to replace them every year!  Maybe once every 25, currently at their level of electrical integrity.  Longevity is just as important as efficiency, according to total lifetime power output calculations.