UN Says World Could be 80% Renewable by 2050

Recently, the UN stated that we could be 80% renewable by 2050.  In order to make that a reality, however, the broad scope of human beings in the world need to be ready to accept and understand the new technology brought upon us.  Being responsible for your own power generation is a concept foreign to many of us, because most of us have our electrical energy produced somewhere else, on some remote site.  Are you ready to produce your own electricity?

I hope that through this website, and others like it, together we can prepare for that kind of a future.

This page indicates ways of generating power.  Some are clean, others less so.  No matter what, a human being is going to have a carbon footprint because none of us are so light that our breath does not enter the air, any less than our feet touch the ground.

That said, consider all of the types of utilities available.  Did you know that in 2010, the United States uses less hydroelectric power than it did in 1997?  In effect, we are less renewable than we were back then.

If the US Federal government were to manufacture its own solar panels, there would be no cause for excessive price due to corporate profits.  People could buy them directly with "tax" money.  Currently, that's not how the system works, and it may never work that way.  If we've learned anything by watching the way that this century has unfolded, the separation between "have's" and "have-not's" is becoming more clear and distinct by the very concept of ownership that exists between those two states.