Parts of a PV System

There are only a limited number of components necessary when installing a solar electrical system.  If you understand what those parts are, and what they do, then you can begin to learn how to select parts that work together.  It's simple!

If you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the world, just remember that you need to learn more about the parts that make the world such a complex, unique place.  The parts are simple, and they have recognizable characteristics.

All you need to build a solar electrical system that is grid-tied and supports your home energy needs!  Right here!

So here they are.  The Solar Panels are just one step in the process of designing a complete solar electrical project.  They run to a "combiner box" which is where electrical parts perform some math duties on the voltage and amperage before heading off to the inverter.

The inverter is where all your AC power is made.  It's wired into your main service panel just like anything else in your home.