Facts About Grid Voltage & Inverters

Background: Voltage

Inverters are usually 240v devices. However they're a little more sensitive than the rest of the electrical devices in your home. An SMA inverter will shut off if the power from the street deviates by more 10%. In other words, if Line 1 from the street exceeds 132v, or line 2 is low, your inverter goes back into standby mode.

What does this mean?

Some homes receive "dirty power" from the grid, and that's not because it's produced by burning fossil fuels.  This means that the power coming into the home isn't a clean 120v line 1, 120v line 2, at exactly 60hz (cycles per second, see AC). This will damage your electronic devices over time, rendering your TV, or computer, inoperable (ever experienced an event where your device just won't turn on?).

Clean and regulated power is better for your appliances. Inverters produce only the cleanest power, literally. It's precise in it's output.

I have had incidents where homeowners called Paul's company to say that their inverter was shutting down. As it turns out, their local utility network was out of wack. We got their provider to start delivering better power, meaning to regulate their varying transmissions.

I will revise this article later. I'm writing it on a phone.