Military Bases Get 160,000 Residential Systems Guaranteed

"The Energy Department said Wednesday it provided a partial guarantee for a $344 million loan to San Mateo, Calif.-based SolarCity for the SolarStrong Project, which seeks to place solar panels on 160,000 homes across 124 military bases in 33 states." (main article)

Recently, it has been reported that the government plans on funding "the largest residential solar project in history."

That's great, but at the same time, doesn't the military get enough funding?  I think it's telling, of the times, to say that the greatest investment in residential solar in the United States goes towards the military, as does most of the federal budget.

As convenient as that may be, this doesn't solve anything.  Even a certified atheist would have a difficult time not coming across as a religious nut, trying to explain the problems we face, because the situation is immensely complicated, and to many people, the end of the Mall sounds like the end of the world.

If you're in the military and you live on a base, I hope you read this website because you're going to have one of these things on your home probably pretty soon, so you might as well learn what the parts are, and how they work.