Consumer Advocacy

If you are interested in learning more about Solar Electricity, and want the advice from an unbiased, trained professional, then look no further!

Using the methods described in this site, I can determine the following information from visiting your site, whether it's your home, business, or backyard:

1).  How many panels can fit
2).  Whether your roof can support a system
3).  Whether your existing electrical is sufficient for a PV system
4).  Advice about the best equipment options
5).  Recommended Installers

Fact:  Many installation companies have sales people who double as system designers.  Their own personal interests aren't served by giving the most accurate information possible.  By having an independent firm, such as Stereo Solar, enter into the equation, you ensure that your system is designed accurately.

Let's say that you want to have a system designed for your home.  You want quotes from 4 different reputable solar electrical installation companies.  Each team comes to your home, visits, gets on your roof and measures, goes back to their respective offices, and returns to you a plan and a quote.

You're not sure why the 4 plans are different.  Some of them contain different components, none will really involve you into the decision process, nor consult back with you on the decisions in the design.

What You Receive

Home Visit
  1. Roof Measurement
  2. Shade Reading Using Pathfinder
  3. Existing Electrical System Evaluation
  4. Roof Structural Assessment
  5. Electrical Bill Analysis
  6. All Questions Answered By Licensed Solar Electrician.
System Design And Annual Estimate
  1. How many panels can fit on your roof
  2. The inverter that matches the hypothetical roof array
  3. Additional electrical components (disconnects, conduit, wiring)
  4. What kinds of home modifications might be necessary
  5. How much power that will provide your home every year (in KWH with a +/-10% margin)
  6. How much money it should save you annually (assuming 5% annual increase of electricity costs).
Bidding With Installers
  1. Recommendations with reputable installers on the CCEF List of Approved Contractors
  2. Providing multiple companies with your information so that they can bid on the project.
  3. Getting you the best estimates possible. 
More Reasons To Get Your Home Evaluated Independently By A Professional
  • Even if the rebate conditions are not ideal, it's still a good idea to get a system designed.  When rebates return, many installers will be swamped with inquiries for site surveys.  If you already have the information available, then your installation process will be expedited when the rebates become available again. 
  • You might discover that the cost is affordable right now, without even knowing it.  The only way you'll know is by having a site survey!
  • My designs are professional.  I have extensive experience as an installer.  I have also created this website to further evidence the transparency that I wish for solar energy to convey to the public.  
  • Your house isn't going to change size, orientation or angle ever.  In other words, you only need to have your home evaluated for solar electrical systems once.  If the panels increase in efficiency, the estimates can be re-evaluated to match those improvements in technology later.  
Current Cost:  $250.
Includes visit, design, estimate, and submission of plans to installers for bids. 

Email StereoSolar@Gmail.Com or call 203.745.9452

This is the way that your purchase of a Solar Electrical System would normally work, without the help from hiring an accomplished system designer privately.  Can you imagine the time and effort required, dealing with a different plan per every installation company you contacted?  The Site Survey service is worth just the time it saves.

Not to mention, you're getting an unbiased report on your home's available photovoltaic potential, without the influence of a salespersons' commission influencing the size or type of equipment that an installer might offer.